The revival of Mantalandia

I implemented what I learned with microMBA and my sales volume rose by 80%.
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I am Handy Cuá, entrepreneur of Tecpán, in Guatemala, and I am 34 years old. I own Mantalandia, a company of advertising material printing set up because of the need of other entrepreneurs to publicize the name of their company. I started with a second-use machine.


Due to the acceptance and quality of my work, the number of clients increased, so I decided to hire my two brothers and one other person. I also bought modern machinery, as it was necessary.

In 2015, my business was affected by the appearance of another digital printing company, which resulted in a sharp decline in my sales and the loss of several customers. This completely demotivated me and I even thought about clonsing my business.


In 2016, I discovered the microMBA program and decided to take that opportunity as an alternative to save my business. From the start, I implemented all the lessons I learned and, when I noticed the changes, my motivation came back, which gave me hope again. I regained my ambition and a long-term vision. I defined my entrepreneurial project, which allowed me to retain my customers and increase them by 38%. I succeeded in defining my projects and my sales increased by 82%. The transformation of Mantalandia is permanent. Now I earn 30% more than before and I can definitely see myself in the future as a successful entrepreneur with ever greater dreams.


Handy Cuá Sisimit




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