It transforms the business, it transforms the entrepreneur

MicroMBA is structured in various levels to give an appropriate response to the different business profiles identified. These levels lead entrepreneurs towards a specific improvement of their business practices and their living conditions.

«From subsistence to formality,
the path of excellence»

Each level of microMBA seeks to develop different competences in entrepreneurs:

microMBA I → It improves the ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT of the micro enterprise. Aimed at subsistence entrepreneurs, this level is focused on putting the micro enterprise in order: simple but rigorous accounting, differentiation between family and business economy, stock control, customer management, debt control, staff contracts, taxes, etc.

microMBA II → Aimed at improving PRODUCTIVITY, favoring the integration of the business in the market. In this level the company experiences a significant transformation thanks to an accelerated growth.

microMBA III → It allows the acquisition of a STRATEGIC VISION, aimed at the micro-entrepreneur that must analyze all the perspectives of its business development and the decision-making process (finance, market, management, taxation, productivity, new technologies, etc.) This last stage is supposed to be the phase of consolidation and formalization of companies.

An intense model in terms of rhythm and extensive in terms of duration (10-12 months)

This intensity fits the reality of entrepreneurs: participants are people who combine their participation with the daily work in their micro enterprise to bring up their families. MicroMBA is highly effective since its dual methodology (school-business) allows entrepreneurs to transform their micro enterprise by applying the lessons learned through concrete productive projects that improve the conditions of the company and their families.


Each of these levels represents an hourly volume of 250 hours per year:

75% is dedicated to face-to-face group activities

25% corresponds to individual and coaching activities