It transforms the business, it transforms the entrepreneur

The innovative methodology of microMBA combines several pedagogical instruments from MBAs and the sector itself that allow micro-entrepreneurs to identify, define, analyze and put into practice their business project.

Business project

At the beginning of the program each entrepreneur defines a transformative business project that will be the pivot around which all the knowledge acquired during the training will be applied. This business project allows us to evaluate the transformation obtained.

Face-to-face group courses

The rigorous identification stage also allows us to form a homogeneous group that guarantees an excellent process of learning. A very successful component of microMBA is the intense exchange of experiences among the participants during the group training sessions.

Case method

This implies analyzing a documented case about a real business story or situation of success or failure. Participants work together to explore, debate and propose solutions to a business case, or to review and analyze variables contained therein.

Personal and business coaching

The methodology combines personal and business coaching for entrepreneurs. Throughout all the progam, entrepreneurs receive regular visits from consultants who help them to implement concrete improvements and share their doubts, difficulties and advances.

Business visits

These visits allow entrepreneurs to learn about entrepreneurial experiences in similar environments, take them closer to reaching their goals, broaden their vision and generate creative ideas that inspire them to nurture their project.

Trade fairs

Business events are organized in marketplaces during which microMBA participants have the opportunity to know a large number of potential clients.