We created the Business School for entrepreneurs. Because dreams have no limits.

The successful microMBA experience has inspired us to complete our support for entrepreneurs by creating a series of programs around the microMBA project: the Business School for Micro-Entrepreneurs (BSM). The aim is to support the sustainability and continuos improvement of entrepreneurs so that they can develop the skills needed to achieve business excellence.


Innovate to transform

The microMBA program is aimed at entrepreneurs who have a specific business mindset and activity. Aware of the fact that not all entrepreneurs have the capacity, interest and skills to follow this program and concerned about the large number of subsistence entrepreneurs to help, ACTEC proposed to its partners the creation of a program that offers different types of business training for them: the SEEDBED. In addition to this, we have also created the program ALUMNI in order to follow up the entrepreneurs who have finished microMBA and make good use of their experiences.


The SEEDBED is targeted at all entrepreneurs in order to give them the bases of business management. This follow-up allows us to operate the first changes of aptitude and mentality of entrepreneurs and their skills of business management, which favors the development of a business culture. This training recaptures the key components of the microMBA methodology, but with less intensity. Those who are more motivated and qualified have the chance to continue growing with microMBA.


The ALUMNI program involves the creation of a network of leading entrepreneurs. Experience has taught us that entrepreneurs who have completed microMBA have developed a great leadership and awareness of their own potential. They have therefore new training needs, they want to support other entrepreneurs and continue maintaining the network of contacts. Due to all of these reasons, the ALUMNI program has been created.


The Alumni program offers them different opportunities:


  • Tutoring: to support the participants of the following editions of microMBA.
  • Continuous training: to receive continuous or specific training and update their knowledge.
  • Scholarships: to contribute financially to the sustainability of microMBA through the scholarship fund.
  • Business network: to facilitate the organization, coordination and joint work of network entrepreneurs.