Change of thinking for all

As a microMBA consultant I have had to expand my vision and explore new strategies to facilitate the learning process and generate a change of thinking.
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Implementing microMBA in the business training of Fundación Carvajal has been a very enriching experience for us. At present, we have the methods of seedbed, management for micro and small businesses, and microMBA, which is the third level of training.


As a consultant, the whole process of this new level of training for entrepreneurs in Cali has been very interesting. My challenge was to take a coaching course that expanded my vision and allowed me to explore new strategies to facilitate the process of learning, the change of thinking, the way of giving advice and how to convey it to the entrepreneurs.


As advisors, we help entrepreneurs identify their shortcomings and solve their concerns through challenging questions that guide them to improve their situation. The aim is that they can increase their sales, the quality of work and the creation of new jobs.


It is very valuable and rewarding for our team to see how an entrepreneur goes through this process of training and achieves good results in a short period of time. With microMBA, we want our entrepreneurs to learn how to run their business, better manage their resources, improve their production, organize the work of their employees and have a better relationship with them.


Amparo González


Fundación Carvajal


MicroMBA program coach