Our website www.micrombaproject.com is published by ACTEC A profession for all, a non-profit association set up in 1982. ‘MicroMBA’ is a project of ACTEC, a non-governmental organization (NGO) specialized in development cooperation.


Head office:

Boulevard Auguste Reyers, 207 bte 6 – 1030 Brussels – Belgium.


Business number:

BE 0424.198.222 RPM Brussels



E-mail : brussels@actec-ong.org
Phone : +32 (2) 735 10 31
Fax : +32 (2) 736 03 77


Our statutes are public and officially published on the Belgian Official Gazette’s website.


Our accounts are periodically checked by an independent auditor and by the Ministries of Cooperation and Finance. Our balance sheet and profit and loss accounts are published on the website of the National Bank of Belgium.