From diagnosis to transformation

The microMBA program fascinates me, as it is able to transform entrepreneurs into integral beings capable of changing their way of thinking and acquiring the ability to visualize their dreams and make them a reality.
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I am Ana Sofía Molina, coordinator of the microMBA program in FUNDAP.


The MBA is an acceleration program that allows entrepreneurs to change their way of thinking and acting and, subsequently, gives them the opportunity to transform their companies and take them to another level.


To this end, we work with the person as an integral being. Entrepreneurs develop a critical mentality that allows them to make assertive decisions, while learning to make a diagnosis of their companies using the Canvas method, which helps them capture the current state of their business and also determine its value proposition.


Through an ambitious but attainable business project that becomes the backbone of the business, entrepreneurs set goals that allow them to measure business transformation.


Subsequently, we work on business management whereby entrepreneurs learn to manage and develop human talent to offer better living conditions through decent work.


We also help them develop business leadership, which allows them to finally become an active part of the MBA program and of a network of entrepreneurs that contribute to development.


The MBA offers them the opportunity to visualize dreams that they still cannot see and make them a reality through business training and a transformative business project.


Ana Sofía Molina




MicroMBA program Coordinator