A job creator expansion

Thanks to microMBA, I have managed to open an office and I have created 5 jobs.
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My name is Marvin Miranda and I am a visionary person. I detected in my community the need to create a business that sold motorcycle products. Having always dreamed of having my own business, I decided to invest my savings and set up Moto Repuestos Miranda in 2013.


Initially, I only sold motorcycle oil, but I gradually diversified my products and managed to position myself in the market.


In 2016, I started my microMBA training. Based on an initial diagnosis, I defined my entrepreneurial project: the expansion. I carried out a market research in the neighborhood, where a large number of my clients come from. In July, I opened my own office.


I have noticed the transformation of my business in the following figures: increase of my revenues of 35%, increase of my customer base of 66%, increase of my profits of 20%, increase of my capital of 20% and creation of 5 additional permanent jobs.


Previously, I had participated in several entrepreneurial courses, but although I learned new things, I have never been able to put that knowledge into practice. The knowledge I acquired with microMBA enabled me to transform my company.


Marvin Raúl Orozco Miranda


Moto Repuestos Miranda


Sale of motorcycle products