A different learning approach

MicroMBA has taught us that this process goes beyond guaranteeing technical tools, it is about teaching entrepreneurs to change their thinking.
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I am Johana Urrutia, coordinator of the microMBA program at Fundación Carvajal. For us, microMBA is a challenge and a great opportunity, an initiative that invites entrepreneurs from Cali to live a transformative experience and acquire really valuable tools that they will be able to apply immediately in their businesses.


We have created new learning spaces and methodologies that will bring us closer to our entrepreneurs in order to strengthen their skills and help them go through a process of appropriation of new applied knowledge and short-time management skills.


MicroMBA is a comprehensive program that transforms the thinking of entrepreneurs with high potential of growth.


For Fundación Carvajal, the alliance with the NGO ACTEC and the support from the Government of Belgium has been very important. It allows us to create and support the dreams and goals of the entrepreneurs of the city of Cali. Thanks to this alliance, we have learned that this process goes beyond simply guaranteeing technical tools. It is more about teaching entrepreneurs to change their thinking, making them leaders of their businesses, emphasizing their positive results and giving more importance to the people, their businesses and their families.


We are happy to have microMBA as one of the levels of business training of our organization. It is a program that has contributed a lot to the business development of other countries. In Colombia, having microMBA has been a great opportunity.


Johana Urrutia Muñoz


Fundación Carvajal


MicroMBA program coordinator